Mendocino County, March 2001
Pictures from SeaEscape Too, a resort near Elk, and surrounding area.

SeaEscape Too is a two-room suite located on the ground floor of a private residence located directly on a cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean near Elk, in Mendocino county, Ca.

It features a large deck with expansive views of the ocean and nearby cliffs. There is a hot-tub on the deck. It's a real treat to soak at night, as the stars are very bright this far away from city lights. A bbq grill is also available.

The interior is comfortably appointed, with gas fireplaces for heat, tv/stereo, comfortable rockers and a mini-kitchen. One of the 2 bathrooms features a jacuzzi tub, with possibly the best view in the house!

The hosts are very gracious and respectful of their guests' privacy. This is the perfect romantic get-away location! (click on any image to see a larger version)

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