Lindsborg's Wild Dala Horses! / Introduction
Photos by Mike Rodriquez
September, 2001


In the playful spirit of Chicago's "Cows on Parade", the small town of Lindsborg is creating a large herd of alternatively decorated, pony-sized fiberglass Dala horses for public display. The process is generating a lot of fun.

The Dala (pronounced daw/-Ia) originated in the Dalarna province of Sweden and became a symbol of Swedish culture and crafts. Decades ago, Lindsborg adopted the red-coated Dala horse as a welcome symbol and community identity icon.

With its Swedish heritage and interest in the arts, Lindsborg is a fitting place to produce contemporary interpretations of the Data theme to uniquely reflect its life and culture.
Lindsborg already has some of the expected herd of 30 horses on display. We welcome you to return to see the rest in 2002. You never know what kind of fun the wild Dalas of Lindsborg will be creating next.

For more information on unveilings and special events, call the Lindsborg Chamber of Commerce at 1-888-227-2227 or log on to

Imagine a Wild Dala!

The introductory comments above and the descriptive text accompanying each page are copied (scanned, actually: see the side-bar on right side of this page) from a pamphlet distributed by the Lindsborg Chamber of Commerce(permission pending). Please send any comments, corrections or updates to The main thing that is missing now is the date each Wild Dala was dedicated.

About this site: The pictures were taken with an Olympus 2Mpixel digital camera at the 2nd highest quality setting. Photoshop was used to generate the basic site (left nav and individual pages), which was then extensively modified using Dreamweaver. A small pamphlet provided the descriptive text which was scanned using an HP 5370Cse scanner and converted to text using OCR technology.

I (Mike Rodriquez) lived in the Lindsborg area from 1963 through 1978 and return to visit family and friends every year. These pictures were taken during early September 2001. This site will be updated after my next visit to Lindsborg in 2002.

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